Deadlifts and Heavy Curls – Workout #5

Jordan and I are shooting some new car vids today, but we’re going to slip in one more workout video this week. This is workout number 5. I do my first deadlifts in years and then move on to some heavy barbell curls. I tried to curl as strictly as possible on each weight. In the future, I’ll do them against a wall, so can guarantee true strict curl form. I curled 100, 126.4, 136.4, and then finally 140.8 Lbs. I setup the camera to the side, so you can judge if they were strict enough. Jordan decided to join me for some of the workout this time too. He has only been working out consistently since Nov. 15…I think he’s going to be really strong if he sticks with it. He seems to have some great natural strength. Anyway, we’re having a lot of fun lifting and we appreciate you watching!