Trans Am First Road Test


Jordan decided to take his Trans Am out for it’s first road test since the repairs. He was worried the the transmission might have been damaged when the flexplate came apart, but it seems to be good. He also repaired the oil pump pickup and the engine is showing great oil pressure. He’ll get it out for a better drive when the weather is a little nicer. The wet roads make things a little too exciting when you hammer into it. Obviously, he still needs to put the hood back on and get the rest of his exhaust hooked up. I’m sure he’ll have it all back together shortly. Thanks for watching!


Pontiac Trans Am Flying Down the Backroads

The weather was good today, so Jordan and I decided to take the Trans Am for a little spin. No nitrous in this one, just launching on the motor. We’ll have a big burnout vid coming soon. Thought you might like to go along for the ride. Thanks for watching!