Workout 8 – One Month of Working Out – 12 Sets of Bench Press

Dec 26th marked one full month of working out again, after about a 2 year layoff. This is workout number 8 and I’m finally starting to feel my strength come back a bit. In this video, I did a pyramid of bench press sets, followed by 5 additional sets for more volume. I’m hoping the extra volume will help me start building some muscle. As always, I supersetted the Bench Presses with pulldowns on my homemade lat machine. Jordan and I also threw in some punching on the speed bag and heavy bag. We goof around a little bit just to keep things interesting, so we don’t get bored. Hope you find the video interesting, thanks for taking a look!

The background track playing during the heavy bag is The Rise, by Ethan Meixsell. It’s available in the YouTube Creator audio library. You can download the track at: