Punches, Kicks, Squats, Presses – Workout Number 4

If you are a regular subscriber, you can rest assured…we’ll be getting back to more consistent car videos soon. This is the 4th full workout in our video series of me trying to get back in shape. I did another workout a couple of days prior, that I didn’t film, so this is truly my fifth full workout after about 2 years off. In this one, I did my regular heavy bag and speed bag punching, but also decided to throw in some kicks. I threw some straight front kicks, crescent kicks, and round house kicks at both the heavy and speed bags. I haven’t done any of that in a long time, so I’m not that flexible at the moment. I also did a few sets of full depth squats and with some overhead presses in between. Did some of the presses in strict military style, but others with a bit of knee dip…I think both have their value. Then I finished up with a few reps of 128 Lb barbell curls, but two were cheated pretty badly. Once again, just testing to see where I’m at currently. I hope you find these home gym videos interesting and I really do appreciate you watching. I’ll have many more workout videos in the days ahead, just maybe on more of a once a week basis. Thanks again for watching!


Shooting Some Hoops in the Driveway

I decided to go out and shoot the basketball a little this evening. I’ve probably only played about three times in the last 3 years, which is kind of sad. Year ago, I used to play every day. Anyway, I need to drop some weight again and basketball is a pretty fun way to do it. Still shot pretty decent, with only one miss here. Some shots are a little sloppy, but I’m pretty rusty. Not sure if anyone will find this interesting, but it gave me a reason to get back out there. I tried to throw in a few trick shots…backwards, behind the backboard, etc. Thanks for watching!