Balloons Over Marine – Hot Air Balloon Festival – Marine, IL

This was a first for our little town of Marine, IL. We just held a 3 day Hot Air Balloon Festival. It brought thousands of people from the surrounding area, to watch the balloons set up and take off. We also had plenty of great music, great food, and various aviation related displays. The folks that put this event together really did a wonderful job. I sincerely hope that this becomes a yearly tradition. Each day began with an early morning launch, followed by another in the late afternoon, and then finally culminating with the amazing Balloon glow at night. I hope you find it interesting and maybe we’ll see you out here next year. Thanks for watching!


1948 Fiat Topolino AA/A Alcohol Altered Supercharged Hemi Drag Car

I thought you might like a look at this wicked 1948 Fiat Topolino AA/A Altered Alcohol fueled vintage drag car. It’s powered by a massive Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) supercharged hemi, backed by a 3 spd manual trans. He had to lift during his run, so it didn’t run anywhere near it’s capability. It’s still awesome to see it in action. This car is owned by Rick Wilson, out of Missouri. I hope you found it interesting, thanks for watching!

Filmed at Gateway Motorsports Park, just outside of St Louis, MO

The background track is Epic, from It is available for use, royalty-free, under Creative Commons unported license 3.0. You can download the track from Bensound at:

Pontiac Trans Am Flying Down the Backroads

The weather was good today, so Jordan and I decided to take the Trans Am for a little spin. No nitrous in this one, just launching on the motor. We’ll have a big burnout vid coming soon. Thought you might like to go along for the ride. Thanks for watching!

1987 Trans Am Acceleration with Tach 5500 RPM Shifts – 357 V8 Demon Carb

This is just a quick little acceleration video in my son’s 1987 Pontiac Trans Am. It’s powered by a 357 small block V8, 4 BBL Demon Carb, 700r4 Trans with Shift kit, and an Australian 9 bolt rear with 3.08 Posi Gears. A set of 3.70 gears is the next change we’re going to make. It should make it quite a bit quicker. There’s a little wind noise because we had the T-tops out at the time. Thanks for taking a look!

Hot Rod Lincoln Burnout and Quarter Mile


You may have already seen this Lincoln in one of my compilation vids, but I thought it deserved a video of it’s own.  This is one mean looking machine.  A car that size running high 11’s to low 12’s in the quarter is pretty impressive.  To top it off, it’s an ultra-clean car as well.  The paint work is top notch for sure.  Hopefully I’ll get an up close look at this car the next time they come out.  Thanks for watching!

10 Second 1956 Chevy – Burnout and Quarter Mile


I thought you’d like a look at this awesome 1956 Chevy drag car.  This is definitely a clean, well-built car.  You can see how slick the paint is on it and it sounds wicked too. This was filmed at the NHRA Spring Sportsman Challenge at Gateway Motorsports Park.  Thanks for watching!

Drag Racing, Drifting, and Burnouts – Gateway Motorsports Park – Midnight Madness April 5th

Had a great time at Midnight Madness Friday Night at Gateway Motorsports Park. They had drag racing and drifting going on all night long. I shot a lot of video with my friends Steve Dunsford from Area Rides, Mark Greeno, and Matt McElwrath from Gateway Classic Cars and SpeedCultureTV. This is my first video of the event, I hope you find it interesting. I’m sure I’ll be posting more footage in the days ahead. Thanks for watching!