Ford 9 inch Setup, Faux Wood Grain Painting, & Metal Fabrication


Our latest video from Manns Restoration in Festus, Missouri. The crew at Manns turns out some of the finest restoration work you’ll find anywhere. In this video, Bernie is setting up a Strange 9 inch Ford rear, that is headed for the Coyote swapped 1963 T-bird. We also looked in on Marty, who was hand crafting a headlight trim ring for the 1936 Cord 810. Then, we caught up with Jarrod, in the upholstery shop. He was busy painting the faux wood grain on the the dashboard of the 1939 Hudson. The attention to detail by everyone at Manns, is second to none. We’ll have updates coming on all of these projects in future videos. We hope you find this interesting, thank you for watching!

Filmed at Manns Restoration in Festus, MO
The background song is “Isolated”, by Kevin MacLeod. It’s available, royalty-free, from the YouTube creators audio library. You can download the song at:…