RamblinAround – Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Race Cars, and Classics

This is just a short video I threw together for fun. It’s sort of a channel trailer I guess. I just put some interesting clips together from the past few years. We have driven some pretty awesome machines over the years and this is just a small sample. There are a couple of supercharged cars, one turbocharged monster, some drag cars, and more. Even tossed in a clip of Jordan doing some shooting with his Mossberg. Anyway, hopefully you find it interesting…thanks for watching!

The background track is Rabid, by Ethan Meixall, from the YouTube creators free audio library. You can download it at: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary_download?vid=62c9935f9337c1e0


Drag Racing, Drifting, and Burnouts – Gateway Motorsports Park – Midnight Madness April 5th

Had a great time at Midnight Madness Friday Night at Gateway Motorsports Park. They had drag racing and drifting going on all night long. I shot a lot of video with my friends Steve Dunsford from Area Rides, Mark Greeno, and Matt McElwrath from Gateway Classic Cars and SpeedCultureTV. This is my first video of the event, I hope you find it interesting. I’m sure I’ll be posting more footage in the days ahead. Thanks for watching!

Amazing Drifting Action – Gateway Motorsports Park 3.15.2013

There was a lot of epic drifting action going on at Midnight Madness, so I thought I’d put together another vid for you. They had a steady stream of amazing cars lining up to take their turn. They had everybody…from people just starting out, to Pro’s like Andrew Lewis. It was hours and hours of awesome action. I hope you find it interesting…Thanks for watching! Special Thanks to Gateway Motorsports Park for allowing me to get so close to the action.