Workout Number 7 Squats, Curls, Presses, and Kicks


I was feeling pretty worn out, but I decided to get a workout in anyway. Posting these videos motivates me to keep going. In this one, I did some light squats, some true strict curls, and some overhead presses. I felt especially weak in the overhead presses…I’m guessing as a result of my bench press workout two days earlier. Anyway, I pushed through and decided to end with some speed bag work and some kicks. I suck at kicking right now, because I really need to increase my flexibility…but it’s still kind of fun. I’m trying to improve my diet, so I can have more energy and so I can recover more quickly. I’m adding in more protein, to help build back what I’m tearing down. Hopefully it all starts to come together as the weeks go by. Thank you for watching, I appreciate it!


Homemade Lat Machine – Cheap Home Gym Equipment

I have always liked doing lat pulldowns as part of my workout, so I knew I wanted a lat machine in our new home gym. Yesterday, I decided it was time to throw one together. I used the same basic design that my Dad used in his home gym and I constructed it using mostly scrap wood that I had lying around. The bulk of the wood came from an old twin bed that we had in storage, but I did end up going to the store to buy one final 2×6 to finish it up. It seems plenty strong and works pretty well. I do need to get some new steel cable though, as mine is badly frayed. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for watching!

The background track is Stalemate, by the Jingle Punks, also from the YouTube audio library. You can download it at:

One-handed Thick Bar Lifting

Lifting a homemade thick bar, with concrete block weights. This is my first day training my grip in a couple of years. This is a simple piece of equipment that I made using a 2.375″ Diameter pipe and some concrete blocks. It weighs in at 108 Lbs and I can add additional weight as needed. I originally built it to train for lifting things like the Thomas Inch Dumbbell and the Millennium Dumbbell, which weigh 172 Lbs and 228 Lbs respectively. In this video, I was able to load my device up to 202 Lbs and lift it, but in the past I’ve done as much as 245 Lbs. I plan to train with it on a regular basis again now. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for taking a look!