1948 Fiat Topolino AA/A Alcohol Altered Supercharged Hemi Drag Car

I thought you might like a look at this wicked 1948 Fiat Topolino AA/A Altered Alcohol fueled vintage drag car. It’s powered by a massive Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) supercharged hemi, backed by a 3 spd manual trans. He had to lift during his run, so it didn’t run anywhere near it’s capability. It’s still awesome to see it in action. This car is owned by Rick Wilson, out of Missouri. I hope you found it interesting, thanks for watching!

Filmed at Gateway Motorsports Park, just outside of St Louis, MO

The background track is Epic, from Bensound.com. It is available for use, royalty-free, under Creative Commons unported license 3.0. You can download the track from Bensound at: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music?download=epic


1948 Ford F1 Mud Truck and 1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk Hot Rod

We spend so much time filming cars, that we really haven’t had time to enjoy our own. Today, we decided to get a couple of them out, clean them up, and take them for a spin. We were a little worried that we may run into some issues, because they had been sitting for months without running. Luckily, all they really needed was a good clean up and some fresh gas. The Studebaker still fires up and runs like a new car. The truck still needs a few adjustments, but at least it’s running decent. Thanks for taking a look, we appreciate it!