Workout Number 6 – Bench Press, Lat Pulldowns, Heavy Bag

This is Workout Six in my “Getting Back in Shape” series of videos. I’ve just returned to lifting regularly after a couple of years away from it. I decided to post videos of my workouts from the beginning, so that I can track my progress over time. Knowing that I’m going to post the videos, keeps me working hard. In this one, I warm up with some punching on the speed bag and heavy bag, then move over to the bench. I’m trying to take it slow and use strict form on the bench press. I’m not using much weight yet, but that will come in time. I like to superset by bench pressed with a pulling movement…in this workout I used lat pulldowns. I think they are complimentary to the bench. I hope you find this interesting, I’ll be back with another video in a few days. Thanks for watching!
The background track is Stalemate, by the Jingle Punks, also from the YouTube audio library. You can download it at:


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