Awesome Burnout – Supercharged 1956 Chevy Gasser Wright City MO Rod Run


Our friend Steve Martin, owner of the 27 Ford Rat Rod in my previous burnout vid, decided to bring out one of his other toys.  This wicked 1956 Chevy Gasser is powered by a supercharged big-block Chevy putting out somewhere north of 1,000 HP.  This beast made over 700 HP in naturally aspirated form, before the supercharger was placed up top.  I couldn’t believe he brought this one into the burnout pit, because it really is his baby, but I was glad to see it in action.  This all took place during a charity Rod Run in Wright City, Missouri this past weekend.  We really had a blast out there…tons of awesome cars.  I’ll have more footage on the way shortly. My son Jordan and my friend Steve, from Area Rides, were both on hand to help out with the camera duties. Thanks for watching!

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