Bigfoot 5 – World’s Tallest Pickup Truck – Home of Bigfoot in Hazelwood, Missouri


I was over in Hazelwood, Missouri today and decided to stop by the home of Bigfoot again. Bob and Marilyn Chandler starting building Monster trucks in the late 70’s, right here in Missouri. In 1981, Bob decided to drive Bigfoot over a couple of cars…and the rest is history. In this video, you get to see Bigfoot Five, with it’s massive 48″ x 68″ x 120″ H tundra tires. It really draws some serious attention from the highway. Next to it, is the Bigfoot Fastrax, which features tank tracks powered by dual, supercharged 460 Ford V8’s. I hope to go back at some point and check out more of the place and maybe get a look at Bigfoot #1. I hope you find them interesting…thanks for watching!

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